Frequently Asked Questions

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I thought that plants need a break from fertilising in Autumn/Winter?

The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food is different from other fertilisers. Our ‘Autumn’ product helps your plants prepare for dormancy by reducing the energy required to produce proteins. The ‘Winter’ product offers protection from cooler temperatures and enhances photosynthesis during lower light levels, amongst other benefits.

How do I apply The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food, and at what rate?

Just add 1 mL per litre of water in your watering can and water as usual. Nice and easy! :)

How often should I fertilise my plants?

Apply once per week. If watering less in winter, apply with usual watering schedule.

How often should I water my plants?

All plants are different and we encourage you to research online. The most important thing is to never overwater! This is one of the most common mistakes plant parents make...overwatering is worse than underwatering.

Do bigger plants need higher application rates?

No, they will naturally get a little bit more because they take more water.

Where is BGM located?

We are an Australian company based in Melbourne.

Will it harm the plant if I accidentally over-apply?

Indoor plants are sensitive and we recommend following our application guidelines. Some plants may benefit from a slightly higher percentage (2 mL per litre of water). Experiment at your own risk.

What are the shipping timeframes?

We try to ship your order as fast as possible – usually within 2 business days or less. Due to the pandemic, our couriers may have delays, but this is improving.

What are the shipping costs?

We offer flat rate €5 shipping throughout the EU

Can I track my order?

Yes, we will send you your tracking information when we dispatch your package.