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The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food

The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food

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Happy houseplants all year round (even in winter)

Just like us, houseplants need a complex variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for optimal health throughout the year. We've taken the guesswork out of feeding your plants by developing The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food – the world's only fertiliser system comprising four natural plant foods designed for the opportunities and challenges of each season.

Developed from over 20 years in global organics and rigorously tested, we've combined potent natural ingredients and technology never before available to the home gardener.

The result is next generation indoor plant food – four season-specific formulations of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, amino acids, natural growth promotants and more – Your plants will never go hungry again!

The perfect gift for plant lovers.

Presented in beautiful, sustainable packaging.


The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food is easy to use. Just add 1 mL per litre of water to your watering can and water like usual. This pack makes up to 400 L of fertiliser – enough for even the wildest indoor jungle.

Shipping & Returns

€4.99 flat rate shipping across the EU, posted within 2 business days of purchase.

45 day Return policy – see policy details here.

Contents and Dimensions

4 x 100 mL Seasonal Fertilisers in high quality glass bottles (NET 400 mL)
1 x Measuring Device
1 x Instruction Card

Size: 195mm (wide) x 117mm (tall) x 48mm (deep). Weight: 1055g


Follow instructions as directed.
Store away from children and animals.

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  • Spring

    A unique full-spectum formula to kickstart growth and promote exceptional plant health.

  • Summer

    An energy-packed blend of essential minerals and nutrients for large leaves and strong stems.

  • Autumn

    An amino-acid infusion to nourish and build plant resilience during the autumn wind-down.

  • Winter

    Gentle support for the darker, cooler months. Boosts photosynthesis and helps with low temperatures.

The Happy Plant Guarantee

We guarantee you'll see big improvements in your plants within 45 days, or we'll give your money back. Return it and we'll refund the full product price. Happy Plants = Happy People! Return policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought that plants need a break from fertilising in Autumn/Winter?

The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food is different from other fertilisers. Our ‘Autumn’ product helps your plants prepare for dormancy by reducing the energy required to produce proteins. The ‘Winter’ product offers protection from cooler temperatures and enhances photosynthesis in lower light levels, amongst other benefits.

How do I apply The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food, and at what rate?

Just add 1 mL per litre of water in your watering can and water as usual. Nice and easy! :)

How often should I fertilise my plants?

Apply once per week. If watering less in winter, apply with usual watering schedule.

How often should I water my plants?

All plants are different and we encourage you to research your own plants. The most important thing is to never overwater! This is one of the most common mistakes plant parents make...overwatering is often worse than underwatering. 

Do bigger plants need higher application rates?

No, they will naturally get a little bit more because they take more water.

Will it harm the plant if I accidentally over-apply?

Indoor plants are sensitive and we recommend following our application guidelines. Some plants may benefit from a slightly higher percentage (2 mL per litre of water). Experiment at your own risk.

What are the shipping timeframes?

We try to ship your order as fast as possible – usually within 2 business days or less. Due to the pandemic, our couriers may have delays, but this is improving.

What are the shipping costs?

We offer flat rate €4.99 shipping across the EU!

Can I track my order?

Yes, we will send you your tracking information when we dispatch your package.